Support our runners

We can't do these events without the support of the people like yourself. By joining our team you're not only helping our runners cross the finish line, but you're also holding our operation together with style. With the help of volunteers, we're able to create a runner's community that's driven by inspiration and achievement.

Volunteer with Neo

Join a team that produces results, motivates runners, and supports our mission. Become a volunteer.


The following questions will ensure that you have the best experience at our event. Should you need any additional requirements to fulfill your duties, please leave a message below or contact the race director.

You have the large and important responsibility of ensuring that you help and assist the staff members in various duties, but more importantly - assisting the runners. By accepting your position as a volunteer you agree to hold NeoEndurance, it's staff and members, and it's affiliates harmless of any injuries you incur before, during, and after the event.  You agree that you will not seek legal action against NeoEndurance, NeoExpeditions, our sponsors and affiliates, or any of it's board members to include employees, volunteers, and interns for injuries, distress, or other adverse medical condition incurred as a result of the event.