Have you ever wondered about what tips and tricks I personally swear by in order to continue to run marathons/half-marathons/and ultras? Well, get excited to learn about my running Modus Operandi. Here is what you have to look forward to learning about.

Thessaly's M.O. at a Glance.

By Thessaly Nicolaysen

  1. NEO ThessalyLearn what your “Mise en Place” is. What steps do you need to take in order to transition from non running mode to running mode?

  2. Learn the art of pairing.

  3. Remember your reasons for running.

  4. Set and share your goals.

  5. You were designed to run.

  6. Consistency is king.

  7. Always be kind and #alwaysseektoedify.

  8. Before you quit, remember why you started. Push past the temptation to give up.

  9. A fast marathon is easier than a slow marathon.

  10. Slow progress is better than no progress.

  11. Setbacks happen to all of us. The difference between a great runner and everyone else is your ability to become a #comebackqueen.

  12. NEVER shame another athlete. Ever.

Intrigued by what this list means to me? Be on the lookout for the full article where I will let you explore the previously classified blueprint of (some of) my running strategies. #NeoEndurance #alwaysseektoedify #treadmillrunner

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