Why does NeoEndurance exist?

In 2014, NeoEndurance was actually NeoExpeditions.Neo Edmund
 It was developed to answer a simple question: "How can we get more people outdoors?"  After some conversations with a few explorers, we realized that our current generation of young adults and children are forgetting what it's like to spend more time outdoors, engaged in physical activities that keeps us healthy and inspired.  We identified a generational gap that was difficult to ignore - far too many people were getting sick, becoming overweight, or just didn't care.

The shift from NeoExpeditions, which was originally a camping adventure group, to NeoEndurance occurred at the beginning of 2017.  Launching a new company that focused solely on people interested in running meant that we could capture a larger audience, thus, get more people outdoors.

So what's our purpose?

We want to develop a means for people to get back on their feet and reach a goal. Whether it's completing a 5k, finishing a 10k, or attempting a marathon, NeoEndurance strives to motivate runners, like yourself, to achieve those goals.

Our motto: "There is no finish line" describes the courage we undertake in finding a new challenge. Just because you finish a 5k, doesn't mean you're done running. Look for another challenge and conquer it!

Our principles: "Inspire. Challenge. Achieve." defines the human ability to succeed in reaching our personal goals. We live by these words and strive to motivate others to do the same. Our mission is to encourage more people to get outside. We exist to give people the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities they otherwise would never have tried or been able to complete on their own. Even if it means failing to get there on our first few tries. Just keep moving - we got your back!