Shit happens, and it sometimes happens at the worst possible moment, like, for instance - during a run! While you can't fight Mother Nature, there are things you can do to help delay the onset of diahrrea.

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes.  It knows no barriers and can creep up at a moment's notice.  It can paralyze your thoughts and diminish your performance.  But there is a cure.  Nature.

Running a mile while listening to your favorite songs can really help keep you going.  Running 5 miles... you better have a playlist.  But what if you're running a distance race?  What do you think about?

Last month, our sponsored professional marathoner, Thessaly Nicolaysen, set down the law when it comes to running etiquette. She's ran 20+ marathons, and anyone who runs that many marathons is considered a professional to us. Now, read the extended version of Thessaly's M.O.