Why Do You Run?

By Katie Choma

Over the two and a half years that I've been running, not once have I been asked that question. Instead, I've heard a multitude of other things that left a lot to be desired.

Injuries are common while training for any long-distance endurance event. Very often, runners get injured from unexpected falls and bad ankle twists, which are unpredictable. However, other runners get injured from over-training, bad posture, or simply bad running mechanics. So, what are some good advice when it comes to running?

Breaking news - dogs love being outside. Some of them can even run further than you think. A healthy labrador can keep up with your easy pace for a few miles. The next time you set out to go for a run, especially a trail run, take your pooch with you.

We all know that running keeps us healthy, helps to shave off weight, and improve our well-being. But, as it turns out, running also improves our brain function.