Running sucks. At least in the beginning. You know it does. We know it does. We all know it. It's hard on your body and it could get boring. Then, why do you still run and for what purpose?

For some people, running a marathon just doesn't cut. They need more, longer distances that cover a span of 50 miles or more. These runners push their bodies to the limit and train for months in an effort to join an elite status, a community of extreme runners that challenges your mental focus and defies the human body.
Welcome to the world of Ultra Runners.

What exactly makes an ultra runner different?  How does one become an ultra runner?  These unique individuals defy the human body and push themselves to the very limit of anatomical imagination.

In the latter part of 2017, we decided to interview two runners.  On December 29th, we had the honor of interviewing Celeste, an avid road runner with a love for the outdoors. On December 31st, we interviewed Jessica - a long distance trail runner with a passion for nature.