In the latter part of 2017, we decided to interview two runners.  On December 29th, we had the honor of interviewing Celeste, an avid road runner with a love for the outdoors. On December 31st, we interviewed Jessica - a long distance trail runner with a passion for nature.


The Trail Runner

An Interview


1. How did you get into running, and why do you still do it?

Jessica11I was a decently competitive runner in high school, mostly mid distance (400m, 800m, 1600m) but I stopped playing sports when I went to college. I was burnt out and ready for something new. After getting married and giving birth to my third child I decided to return to running in 2015. I have fallen in love with distance and trail running and there's no turning back! You can often find me on the trails with my newest son- my fourth child- Micah. I ran through his pregnancy until I was 39 weeks.

2. Tell us about your HARDEST and most CHALLENGING race (or non-race). What was it and where?

My hardest race was definitely my solo marathon. It was my very first 26.2 and I decided to train and run it alone. It was incredibly rewarding and the satisfaction and confidence it gave me can't be matched. There was nothing like seeing my family waiting for me as I rounded the corner into my final 100m stretch. I will never forget that moment.

3. Trails or road running and why?

Jessica2Trails! Definitely. I discovered quickly that one thing I really loved about running was the way it got me out doors and into nature. I have explored tons of trails I never knew existed and connected with an amazing community of trail runners. Now, that being said, if I feel like running fast you will see me on the road. Once in a while I love to run a fast paced workout on the road and see where my speed is at.

4. What’s the furthest distance you’ve ever ran? Where was it? Which race?

So far the furthest I've run is a marathon, but I am gearing up for my first ultra! It's an 8 hour trail run. I've been training for the past 12 weeks and I'm about to start my taper leading up to the big day!

5. How do you train for a run?

Jessica9I think there are a lot of aspects to this. Physical training is important, but even more important is mental training. You need to expose yourself to every weather condition, scenario, fueling mishap, and mental block. Be prepared for the worst! This ultra training cycle was 16 weeks and I both loved and hated that it was so long because 1.) everything that could have gone wrong- at one point or another- did. and 2.) I learned from all of those things that went wrong. So in the end, I think I will be well prepared come race day.

6. What’s your immediate post-race food?

I am one that has a hard time eating after an endurance event! I will say after I settled down post marathon I had a Philly cheese steak and cheese fries. And it was AWESOME.

7. Have you ever seriously injured yourself (running related)?

Up to now I've only had minor injuries. But I feel like I shouldn't say that out loud and jinx myself. ;)

8. What’s your next race?

I am about to take on the ICY 8 in Virginia on February 3, my first ultra trail run! Its an 8 hour run. Basically my goal is run a 50k and anything past that will be blood sweat and tears. Well, the miles before that will be blood sweat and tears also I guess!

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Jessica Bagley
Jessica Bagley
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