Did you miss your race?

Then run it virtually.

You love running and you try your best to make it to race day, but then something happens. We know things happen.  Maybe you had an off day, or like many of us, you forgot it was race day.
Don't let that something be the reason why you can't still earn a medal.

You have 30 days from the date of the event to submit your data!!!

Here's what we need from you: proof.  Run the distance and take a screen shot of your running app, or a photo of your running watch showing the data.

We have your medal, and we have your bib.  Go run your race on your own; fill out this form and upload the results on this page.
Pay a $10 shipping and handling fee and we'll do the rest.

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Your 2017 Results

Overall 5k Corrected

Overall 10k Corrected 2



Congratulations!!  You finished the Santa's Reindeers 5k and 10k in New Port Richey, Florida!  Check out your race results below.


***If your name appears with no results, our volunteers were unable to capture your time at crossing.***

***If your bib number appears with no name, we were unable to collect your information because of last minute registrations.  You can help us with this by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll be happy to correct this.***

Last NameFirst NameBib #EventFinish TimePlacementGenderAge
AnciauxTrey1995k00:57:59 MALE13
AntonawichMichael2365k00:37:09 MALE42
AshworthDena2835k00:55:18 FEMALE30
BallAbigail1865k00:34:221st Female (15-19)FEMALE16
BallCarolyn2495k00:58:50 FEMALE75
BarryRob2725k  MALE35
BayneSuzy2785k00:53:32 FEMALE70
BenhamLaurie2555k00:38:26 FEMALE57
BrandenburgAmanda2675k00:28:092nd Female (35-49) / 5kFEMALE42
BrandtDiane2935k00:46:28 FEMALE63
BrandtCharlie2945k00:46:29 MALE65
BriereLisa2285k  FEMALE46
BrookeCandi1985k00:57:58 FEMALE52
CarbajalJuanita1945k00:31:14 FEMALE29
ChristmasJennifer2125k00:48:57 FEMALE48
DavisonChristine2605k00:57:58 FEMALE62
DeLeonBrian143 5k00:21:381st Male (27-34) / 5kMALE34
DeLeonLaura2005k00:28:383rd Female (27-34) / 5kFEMALE30
DorowAmanda2925k00:46:142nd Female (15-19)FEMALE15
DurrAnita2585k00:51:30 FEMALE54
DurrKen2595k00:58:48 MALE54
EcclesElaine2685k00:53:32 FEMALE63
FarnanRyan2045k00:16:031st Male (20-26) / 5kMALE24
FelicianoBenjamin2085k00:52:043rd Male (TIE) (6-14)MALE12
FelicianoDominic2075k00:52:043rd Male (TIE) (6-14)MALE14
FelicianoMaya2055k00:52:04 FEMALE42
FelicianoGeorge2065k00:58:54 MALE42
FergusonRuth2825k00:53:32 FEMALE73
GarciaDenise2445k00:38:153rd Female (50+) / 5KFEMALE56
HatfieldNick2105k00:24:161st Male (15-19)MALE16
HatfieldHope2095k00:43:45 FEMALE52
HernandezGeraldine2715k  FEMALE65
JonesCorrine2575k00:51:17 FEMALE6
JonesMadelynn2515k00:58:50 FEMALE9
JonesJulia2505k00:58:50 FEMALE37
JonesDenis2565k00:51:17 MALE41
JonesPeggy2425k00:54:33 FEMALE49
KarpfDan2345k00:30:073rd Male (50+) / 5KMALE56
KarpfElissaMaxine2355k00:46:37 FEMALE47
KatsarelisSusan2885K  FEMALE58
KievitChristy2485k00:51:24 FEMALE35
KubilusMatt2615k  MALE37
LaFrancaDebra2635k00:41:10 FEMALE62
LaFrancaJoseph2625k00:43:14 MALE62
LansingDavid1965k00:56:452nd Male (27-34) / 5kMALE29
LansingKali1955k00:56:21 FEMALE29
LeftherisLashelle2275K  FEMALE47
LyleJoyce2895k  FEMALE54
LyleMike2905k  MALE55
McCrackenKim2995k00:50:59 FEMALE59
MelvinJudy1825k00:53:32 FEMALE 
MuszakKrista2015k00:27:401st Female (35-49) / 5kFEMALE47
MuszakAJ2025k00:25:092nd Male (15-19)MALE16
MuszakSteve2115k00:32:223rd Male (35-49) / 5kMALE46
MuszakJolie2035k00:45:58 FEMALE14
NotiAlexander2535k00:32:032nd Male (6-14)MALE11
NotiFay2545k00:32:033rd Female (6-14)FEMALE8
OrozLexi1805k  FEMALE16
OrozJanet1795k  FEMALE55
PaganoChristy2665k00:28:103rd Female (35-49) / 5kFEMALE39
ProvanzanaElizabeth1925k00:50:49 FEMALE35
RadcliffeCorey2845k  MALE48
RayeiMadhusudhan1435K00:26:302nd Male (35-49) / 5k MALE37
RobinsonMelissa2705k  FEMALE53
RodriguezJohn2315k  MALE12
RodriguezAdaliz2325k  FEMALE14
RodriguezJuan2335k  MALE18
RodriguezWendy2305k  FEMALE36
RussoAmy3005k00:56:08 FEMALE49
SandersonHeather2735k00:40:15 FEMALE53
Saviceva-NotiMarina1815k00:31:262nd Female (6-14)FEMALE12
ScaliseJill2465k00:54:331st Female (20-26) / 5kFEMALE21
ScaliseKathy2455k00:55:01 FEMALE53
SchiliroCarmen2645k  FEMALE53
SemlerCaleb1905k00:21:071st Male (6-14)MALE14
SemlerKimberly2375k00:56:08 FEMALE38
SeymourAmanda1835k00:26:111st Female (27-34) / 5kFEMALE33
SiquieraBianca1875k00:24:231st Female (6-14)FEMALE10
SmithDoug2755k00:37:032nd Female (50+) / 5KMALE54
SmithJill2875k00:43:22 FEMALE30
SmithJackie2745k00:40:21 FEMALE52
SolanoArlene1975k00:32:25 FEMALE34
SolisVanessa2655k00:36:28 FEMALE31
StanleyChristina2475k00:54:33 FEMALE44
StenbergDebra2915k00:41:56 FEMALE64
StephensBonny1855k00:27:551st Female (50+) / 5KFEMALE54
StevensDavid1935k00:28:241st Male (35-49) / 5kMALE46
SwindleMichael2765k00:42:54 MALE63
TonerMadison2805k00:49:32 FEMALE11
TonerTracy2795k00:49:34 FEMALE47
TwiggScott1915k00:28:002nd Male (50+) / 5KMALE56
VoightsMelissa2695k  FEMALE38
WilliamsonTaryn2415k  FEMALE16
WilliamsonDebbie2405k  FEMALE49
WitzAly2955k00:51:383rd Female (15-19)FEMALE14
WitzBecky2965k00:51:39 FEMALE42
WoodsideKelli2525k00:33:14 FEMALE47
WronkaJennifer1275k00:26:392nd Female (27-34) / 5kFEMALE28
YeloushanMellissa1845k00:28:37 FEMALE40
YonkofJennifer2435k00:38:15 FEMALE38
ZimmerMark2865k00:22:311st Male (50+) / 5KMALE60
 MuñizMichael1495k00:22:20 MALE27
AllenSusan13410K00:57:242nd Female (50+) / 10KFEMALE51
AmeresZackie10610K1:01:44 FEMALE43
AppenzellerJohn13710K1:10:543rd Male (35-49) / 10kMALE44
BakerHJ McCarley12510K1:11:40 FEMALE51
BarryJeannie10910K1:16:083rd Female (27-34) / 10kFEMALE29
BeanJudy13610K00:57:141st Female (50+) / 10KFEMALE50
BolanosMichael13910K00:54:052nd Male (35-49) / 10kMALE44
ByrneKevin14110K00:52:521st Male (50+) / 10KMALE51
CornishWayne12610K00:57:292nd Male (50+) / 10KMALE50
DarlingKimberly10810K00:59:10 FEMALE42
EvansKari13510K1:08:16 FEMALE52
FrickShannon12110K1:29:051st Female (20-26) / 10kFEMALE26
GossVicki13810k1:11:29 FEMALE61 
GriffinDavid14410K1:19:50 MALE35
HilliardKaren13010K1:01:47 FEMALE45
Johnson-VelezSusan11610K1:12:25 FEMALE53
KellerMary Ann11910K1:00:313rd Female (50+) / 10KFEMALE57
LindenAshley12410K1:00:322nd Female (27-34) / 10kFEMALE29
MackeHeather10210K  FEMALE29
MayfieldSunney12210K1:29:05 FEMALE27
McIlroyColleen11210K1:25:53 FEMALE43
MusickAmanda11510k00:41:321st Female (27-34) / 10k FEMALE 30
ObrienBernadette28110k1:12:39 FEMALE61
PeddyreddyBhaskar14210K1:14:26 MALE42
ProughDavid10510K1:01:46 MALE57
SemlerJohn10410K1:09:24 MALE36
ShanahanSharon11310K1:23:47 FEMALE68
StackTara11010K1:16:31 FEMALE37
StackDiana11110K1:16:32 FEMALE49
StevensAmanda13310K00:55:131st Female (35-49) / 10kFEMALE41
StokerNancy12910K1:23:13 FEMALE51
StokerFrank12810K1:23:13 MALE54
TomlinsonMelissa13210K1:27:14 FEMALE46
VelezJulian11710K1:12:251st Male (20-26) / 10kMALE21
VellaJohn10310K1:01:453rd Male (50+) / 10KMALE61
WesternAngie10110K00:58:133rd Female (35-49) / 10kFEMALE39
WierzbowskiJulie12010K1:00:32 FEMALE45
ZieglerNichole14010K00:58:102nd Female (35-49) / 10kFEMALE38

2018 New Year's New Me Results



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