To the Elephant Swamp Ultra Marathoners,

On Tuesday, March 12th, we met with officials of the Upper Pittsgrove community, a municipality where a segment of the Elephant Swamp Trail cuts through, to discuss final preparations for our ultra marathon event scheduled for April 20th. Despite our best efforts to convince them of the high interest their town would receive, and without regard to the community of runners in the area, we were denied our permit to continue the event.

Officials of Upper Pittsgrove felt that the event was not in the interest of the residents to support, nor were they convinced that we would bring in new interest and financial support to their economy. Our reaction was nothing less than disappointment. Their decision to deny our permit is an indication that NeoEndurance, and its runners, are not welcomed in their community.

As a result, we are making the difficult decision to cancel the event. Effective immediately, we will no longer accept new registrations.

For those who have already paid and registered, you will be receiving a full refund.

We are sincerely sorry that we were not able to make a better case, and we are especially regretful of not having the opportunity to meet you through this event.

Jessica Bagley and I are already in the process of looking for a new location for another ultra marathon in New Jersey, but this new project will be tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2020. Any and all recommendations on location for this new event are welcomed. Until then, we wish you the best of luck in your future running endeavors, and we hope you progress and achieve all of your running goals.



Edmund Arellano (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Jessica Bagley (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

What's the difference between creating a "Group" and creating a "Team"?

So you want to run with friends and save some money?? Cool, but there's a big difference between creating a group or a team.


Group PhotoThis is a great way to get friends and families involved and save some cash. The larger the group the more you save. Currently, the 2019 Tampa Resolution Run has two group settings - one for groups of 5-9 runners, and another for groups of 10-15 runners.

5k (5-9 runners) = $30 entry fee ($5 refund after 5th member joins).
5k (10-15 runners) = $30 entry fee ($10 refund after the 10th member joins).
10k (5-9 runners) = $40 entry fee ($7 refund after 5th member joins).
10k (10-15 runners) = $40 entry fee ($12 refund after 10th member joins).

This is important to remember! Discount refunds are given ONLY AFTER the 5th member of a 5-9 group joins, or the 10th of a 10-15 group. Once that 5th or 10th member joins, the first group of registrants to join will receive a refund on their card. All members who join after the 5th member (or 10th on a group of 10-15) pay the discounted price.

You must have at least 5 runners identified to take advantage of this opportunity! Group pricing CANNOT be combined with any other discounts.


Start a Group



Team PhotoDo you have a company with at least 5 employees? Do you want to be the "cool" boss who pays for their race fees? This is how you do it. Creating a team allows a company (or really anyone who wants to be awesome), to pay for the entire team, or even a certain percentage. Team Captains, that is, the one creates the team, can determine how much each member pays to join the team. The "cool" boss will set this setting to 100% + $0 (meaning the company pays for 100% and the cost to the member is $0).

There are no maximum limit to how many people can join your team, so be careful with this feature! (pssst... it's password protected. You create the password and share it with your employees. You also control who can join or not.)


On December 26th, 2018, an invoice will be sent to the boss (the Captain), and they pay the invoice. They have until January 3rd, 2019 to pay the invoice, or bibs get revoked (yikes!).

Pre-Paid Package Deals (only available to Teams, not Groups).

Companies or team captains can select to do pre-paid package deals. Package deals get discounted rates!

You can totally pay in advance for a team with a set limit of members, but if you fall short on team members - there are no refunds.

Currently, our package deals are set to the following, and can used for all 10k registrations, 5k registrations, or a combination of both:

5 member limit = $150
10 member limit = $300

Start a Team