Do you ever go running and then suddenly think, ​I wish I had this​?  I do, and here my top 5 things I wish I had when I'm running but I know I'll never get.

Running Everyday is a Good Habit

Most of the staff on NeoEndurance are runners, and we love to run like Forest Gump! But, it seems like a lot of people have different reasons for going on a jog. For me, it makes me feel awesome. The soreness in my legs and the stress in my bones make me feel like I've earned strength and stamina.

Beach Running

It doesn’t take science to figure out that running on sand is more challenging than running on pavement. Just ask anyone who’s ever been on sand.

Do you find yourself looking for the next run? Trying to fit your schedule so you can squeeze in an afternoon jog? Well, you're definitely not alone. Read our top ten reasons why you might be a runner.