In an activity such as running, it’s expected that the runner will sweat. They may even get a little dirty if they’re running on trails. We often wonder why, then, do some people “dress to impress” for what should be a personally-focused activity?


Get Dirty: A Guide to Running Free

By Edmund Arellano

If you’re one of those people who care about what they look like during a run, here’s some advice – knock it off. Nobody’s going to stop you mid-run to ask you out for a drink just because you look “cute”. In a community of runners and marathoners we only care about one thing – reaching our goals. And I mean distance and timing goals, not dating goals. In fact, your attempt to look fashionable is only doing you a disservice. In this community, we find your wet shoes attractive; the mud on your legs from sprinting; the scraped-up knees and the perspiration on your skin. That’s hot.

NEO Rachel Dench2Here's what happens when you stop thinking about how other’s look at you. You perform better. Your concentration increases and your focus is on point.

Expect to get dirty.

When you get ready for you run, remind yourself that you will get sweaty. Unless you’re walking in the cold without any effort, sweating is inevitable. Once you’re in this mindset you’ll start to find that running in any weather is not only achievable (and maybe even challenging), but it can also be fun.

Run Solo.

Have you ever ran a trail by yourself? Or run in the early morning darkness, just before sunrise? Do you even know what it’s like to run without headphones? Try it. Find a quiet spot with no one around and start jogging. Take in the early cool breeze. Pace yourself and listen to your breathing while you absorb the sound nature around you. This is what it’s like to run free.


What do you think?  Tell us why you think running "cute" is a good strategy.