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Internship Program

The NeoEndurance Internship Program is a great way to expand your knowledge and gain experience within the marketing and advertising field.  Working with us as an intern not only supports our mission of getting more people outdoors, but our interns gain valuable experience.  They understand the importance of bringing together a community of like-minded people and encouraging them to reach their goals.

What do interns do for NE?

Interns will work to expand our online presence through social media advertising and marketing.  The success of NeoEndurance depends on targeting the right people, the right communities, and branding our name into their social lives.

On a typical day, the intern will design marketing campaigns for each of our events and advertise it through different channels of media sources to include magazines and newsletters.  They will analyze and study the response of the people through the ads and create reports that reflect how well the campaigns are doing.  The interns are expected to create new ways of driving traffic to our website, attract the attention of our running community, and suggest new ideas that enhance the image of our company.  Sounds fun, right?

On top of all that, the interns are also expected to travel with our team.  Traveling to our events will expose the intern to the result of their campaign efforts.  Simply, you get to see your hard work put into action.  This will help give you better ideas and thoughts for the next event, and in consequence - to your next future endeavors.

Are the interns paid?

We fully believe that our staff should be compensated for their efforts.  Incentives bring productivity and motivation.  Our interns will get a monthly stipend of $1,000 USD to help offset the cost of living in a new place and encourage them to drive new ideas into projects.  However, the interns are required to find their own living arrangements.

How are interns selected?

Our interns should have a purpose.  What is it that drives you to succeed?  NeoEndurance is looking for motivated people with a passion for the outdoors and a positive interest in their health.  Interns are selected based on their experience with the outdoors and their drive to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  While it's not required in our consideration of your application, our staff are often expected to run in the events with the director.  Can you run a 5k with your boss?  Let's do it!

Where do interns work and live?

NeoEndurance is based out of Tampa, Florida.   Typically, the intern will work directly out of the office.  On occasions, the interns may also work in the field (while traveling with the team to our events).  The interns often find a suitable roommate to live with.  In other cases, interns live in affordable month-to-month housing.

Ready to apply?

If you're looking to work for a company that defines "adventure", then fill out the application below.  You'll not only gain experience and valuable friends, but more importantly - you'll have fun. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our race director.