On April 16th, 2018, Meghan ran the Boston Marathon, a distinguished day marked by cold weather and unrelenting rain. Just a month earlier, we interviewed her over webcam and got the insight on what it took to get through that challenging day.


Meghan Baird

An Interview
By Edmund Arellano

Meghan2Most runners are content with running 3 or 4 miles at a sub-9 minute pace.  There are some that train for longer distances and strive to push for a new PR at a half marathon. Pace and distance are important elements of running that make or break a runner, but to Meghan, these are only two of many factors that go into being a good runner; speed is one, time is the other.

She's a pre-med student studying Exercise Science in Southern California - a rigorous program that requires a confusing amount of hours dedicated to class time, and studying for finals and exams. So, how does she fit in 1-2 hours, sometimes 3 hours of running almost every day?  Commitment, perhaps, but the more obvious answer might be that as a pre-med student, running is necessary, maybe even required to level off the stress and pressures of academic life.

With an Instagram following of over 11,600 fans and growing, she's not shy either.  Her photos capture an athlete who identifies running with strength; health with honor. Every post is an inspiration for others to follow, and a motivation to get behind. Now, she's training for her next big marathon.  The Long Beach Marathon on October 7th.

We are honored to have Meghan as our newest sponsored runner.  Check out the interview below.

Her official Boston Marathon time: 3:26.07 / 07:52 pace.


Meghan Baird - A NeoEndurance Interview
Meghan Baird - A NeoEndurance Interview
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