For the most part I was not nervous for this race. I felt excited and confident in my training. I felt prepared mentally and physically.


St. George Marathon Recap

By Trisha Jacobson


I set my alarm for 3:30am, but because it is always a fear of mine that I will sleep through my alarm on race day I ended up waking up at 3:00am and couldn’t fall back to sleep for those last 30 minutes. I got ready and my sweet husband got up with me to eat breakfast with me. I had TWO bagels. That is so rare for me. Usually, before any race I am so nervous that it is difficult to eat anything, but I was hungry. ?

TrishaStGeorgeI met up with a friend of mine to catch the 4:50am bus. There were lines of people and it took us sometime to get on the bus. The starting line was great! They had music, fires, powerade, GUs and blankets. They took care of us. Because it took us a while to get up there we actually didn’t have much time at the starting line. Which I was ok with because it was COLD.

The plan was to find the 3:55 pacer and stick with them until mile 23 and if I could try to break away from them. There were over 7000 runners and I could not find the pacer. I wasn’t too worried because I thought I would find them along the course. The gun went off and we ran. I ran what felt comfortable. With a few miles in and still no pacer in sight I decided to just go by feel. Then came behind me was the 3:45 pacer. I freaked. I thought how was I going faster then them. I felt like I was running way slower then what I could be doing. I ran with them for a couple miles and even had to slow myself down a bit. I kept it comfortable and before I knew it that pacer took off and I no longer saw them.

Right before mile eight I check my flipbelt to see if I still had my electrolyte pills in there and realized they were gone! I had a slight freak out moment. My one concern going into this marathon were my legs cramping up like they did the first time around. I KNEW these pills would help with that so when I realize they were gone, mentally I struggled. I decided to pull it together and that all would be ok. I think when I took out my GU the pills must have come with it without me knowing (next time I will put them in a ziplock bag).

TrishaStGeorge5The race was going really well. I felt strong and was a head of what was planned. I even killed it on the dreaded hill at Veyo. The crowds were so kind and encouraging and with the amazing volunteers at the aids stations and people playing music it kept me entertained and motivated. I felt great until about mile 21.5. That is when my legs started to ache and mentally I was getting tired. It was harder to keep my pace, but still was doing great! The last half mile I really had to dig deep. I was done. I was ready for it to be over. The finished line was LONG and so exciting with so many people cheering. I was able to pick up my speed and finish strong! Of course, I immediately began to cry. I had done it again and this time with a huge PR. I finished 20 minutes faster then the previous marathon with a time of 3:52. I never saw the 3:55 pacer and never stopped running.

I gave it my all in St George. I am proud of the hard work I put into this race. I wanted to redeem myself from the first marathon and finish in 4:00 hours and I exceeded that and I couldn’t be happier.

TrishaStGeorge2I couldn’t have done all this without the amazing opportunity NeoEndurance gave me. They took care of all my needs in order to prepare me for this race. Not only did I have them behind me cheering me on along the way, but I got the best of the best care and they also introduced me to my coach, Coach Martin, who knew exactly what I needed to do in order to reach my goal and then some. He believed in me, even when at times I didn’t believe in myself. I am so extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with both NeoEndurance and Coach Martin. I am a better athlete because of them.

My marathon journey has been something I have dreamed about for a long time. I started this journey ten months ago and I wouldn’t change a thing. I have met so many amazing athletes through this process who have inspired me and supported me along the way. I have also become a better me. I feel strong mentally and physically and just happy. I am so glad I decided to finally shoot for my dreams and become a marathoner. Now, I can’t stop. I want to keep going and keep becoming a better me. I now want to become a Boston Marathoner!