There are several strategies that runners use to get through a marathon. Some of them might include gradually increasing your pace throughout the course. Another one is walking the water stations, which is exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Whether you’ve ran a marathon or not, we can all agree that training for one is a challenging endeavor. So, what are some advise that could help ease even an ounce of stress off your run? The one thing you could do is to walk the water stations. What if you’re training and there are no water stations? First of all, you better be carrying some water with you! Then you would want to embrace the walk/run method. That is, run for two minutes and then walk for 30 seconds. You can adjust that however you want.

During a 18 mile run, I decided to walk every 2 miles for a minute, which gave me enough rest to power through the humidity over the Courtney Campbell Bridge between Tampa and Clearwater.

Watch the video below.

Tips on getting through a marathon
Tips on getting through a marathon
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As always, train safely and listen to your body. During this particular run, I noticed something noticably important - the trail had NO water fountains anywhere along the 9 mile stretch. If you're running a new route, always remember to bring water with you on the run. You just don't know what to expect.