Trisha Jacobson is a married athlete with three kids... and she's training for her first marathon in June. NeoEndurance got the word on what it takes to train for the distance. The sacrifices, hunger, and pain she endures all for 26.2 miles.

Training for the Distance

A NeoEndurance Interview with Trisha Jacobson

We believe in the human ambition to achieve our goals through commitment and a ton of inner strenth.  Physical challenges, like a marathon, are not easy to acheive and requires a deserving amount of respect and attention.  Respect the road.  That's exactly why we chose Trisha Jacobson for this interview. She's garnered a respectable amount of Instagram followers who have watched her progress through other races.  She's accomplished 5k's, 10k's, and half-marathon's.  Now she's got her golden eyes on the full.

What does it take to train for the distance?  Read our interview below.

1. What made you decide to run a marathon?

I played soccer for 12 years. Running and being active has always been a passion. I love it! Once I became a mom and retired my cleats, I decided I needed another hobby. I wanted to set goals and work towards something. I was running four times a week so I decided to try some races.  I started off small with 5ks and 10ks. I loved all the excitement associated with the races and decided in 2008 that I wanted to one day run a marathon. Deep down I don't know if I really thought it would happen, my life is busy and marathon training is a big commitment. I realized after participating in a few half marathons that I really loved this sport. Last year after one of my races I stayed to watch the marathoners finish. I got emotional watching those runners cross the finish line.I knew the hard work and determination it must have taken for them to run 26.2 miles. I decided right then and there no more excuses. My marathon dream would become a reality.

2. How much time did you give yourself to prepare? And what training program are you using?

Once I registered for the marathon, I knew it was time to get serious about my training. I knew my training needed to be done properly in a safe and healthy way. My biggest fear before and during my journey has been injury so it was important for me to find a trusted qualified coach. Our good friend Mike Strauss is a coach with Blaze Running Club. I trust his knowledge and I was confident I would be in good hands. He provides me with a custom training program catered specifically to me and my fitness level. Every week he programs my mileage for each day. He will change the mileage based on how my body is feeling. I do run year round but my actual marathon training will be six months.

3. How has your diet changed since you started your training? What do you eat?

My diet has changed a lot since the beginning of my training. I used to not be able to eat before my runs because it would result in side aches, but with marathon training it is crucial to fuel your body prior to a run especially when running 17+ miles. I had to train my body to be ok with food prior to a run. Currently, I eat one egg on whole wheat toast with a glass of water before I train. It’s light and I don’t feel heavy on my runs, but it gives me energy. After training I drink a protein shake to quickly replenish my body and help my muscles recover. Throughout the day I try to eat a balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats and I have definitely cut back on the sweets.

4. Do you eat ON your runs? If you do, what do you eat?

On runs over 13 miles I hydrate and eat a handful of jelly beans or fruit snacks. It is enough to give me a boost of energy and doesn't drag me down or make me feel too full or heavy.

5. What’s the worst part about your training? Have you injured yourself?

The hardest part about training is time. I have three young kids who are my first priority. I have to fit my runs in when I can. For the most part I try to run first thing in the morning, but there are times when I may have to run in the middle of the day or in the evening once my husband gets home. Occasionally the kids come with me on my shorter runs. Pushing a double stroller isn’t easy, but I figure it is making me stronger.

6. What’s the best part about your training?

The best part of training is discovering what I am capable of accomplishing. Even though I signed up for this race, I didn’t know if I could actually do it. I have surprised myself with how many miles I have run each week and month and I am getting faster! I have realized we can push our bodies and accomplish incredible things if we are willing to work hard. I feel strong. I feel in shape. It has been an amazing transformation.

7. What advise would you give to others who are thinking about running a marathon?

My advice for someone who is thinking about running a marathon would be to prepare for it to be mentally and physically tough. It also requires a big time commitment, training takes months of dedication. I would encourage someone to find a program that works for them. Listen to your body and if you need to cut back on mileage, do it. Take advantage of your rest days. Fuel your body with proper nutrition and hydration. It will be hard but STICK with it and reach your goal. I haven't finished my marathon yet but I KNOW it will be worth it! Most importantly, enjoy the journey. You will become a better stronger you!

Thanks for the awesome interview, Trisha! We wish you the best at your marathon and we look forward to having you run one of ours!