Most runners run alone, but you shouldn't have to run in fear.


Runner Defense Titleby Edmund Arellano

The art of running, the physical sport of pounding pavement or trail and going the distance, is one of America's most popular healthy activity, but has also recently raised concern for the safety of the runner.  Especially female runners.

It's unfortunate to know that in these times there are those who wish to distrupt the fabric of our trust and inflict pain on others. In light of these circumstances, runners should know how protect themselves and defend others.  This article will briefly explain several products specifically sold to runners that can provide a peace of mind.

 Go Guarded

product web6This product is sharp.  And it's suppose to be that way.  Worn to be comfortable on the runner's finger, the serrated blade is always out and always ready.

Stop reaching for your mace in your fanny pack. That's valuable time wasted. The Go Guarded ring naturally allows you to use your hands - a subconscious move you'll make in self-defense.

No batteries needed.



The Doberman Security Jogger Alarm

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DobermanWorn on the arm, this device emits a piercing alarm (110 decibles) that will result in two things: cause the attacker to panic and get the attention of bystanders. That's not all it does.

Once activated, this device will produce a bright light visible from a mile away.

Water resistant, innovative, and adjustable, the Doberman Security Jogger Alarm is a great product that will help keep you safe.



Kuba Kickz

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Kuba KickzLike throwing kicks? Throw one with the Kuba. This self-defense product is placed directly into the laces of your shoes so it's out-of-sight, out-of-mind, until you need it.

This ultra lightweight product is made of touch, high-impact plastic that can produce devastating consequences.

The only non-lethal self-defense tool designed for the shoe, the Kuba Kickz is highly effective regardless of the user's level of self-defense training.



Wrist Saver Pepper Spray

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Pepper SprayWho knew you could pack so much into a bracelet.  This product carries a small can of highly-effective mace on a reflective bracelet. Made with lightweight neoprene quality, this bracelet even has a built-in emergency ID card holder.

With a 1/2oz of the HOTTEST pepper spray on the market, this can will spray up to 10 feet, allowing you to keep a safe distance between you and your attacker.

Enjoy using the mace?  The manufacturer will replace the empty can for $1... for life.



It's important to defend yourself at all costs. Do what you have to do to stay safe. It's also important to understand how to use these products when the time calls for it. The ultimate responsibility lies on the user. Learn to use it - practice, research, and practice again.

NeoEndurance does not manufacture, sell, or sponsor any of these products, but we did our research and have found these products are effective when used correctly, comfortable when worn right, and cost efficient for the everyday runner.

Be safe. Be vigilant. And above all - survive.