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Cole’s Run

This is a brand new event for NeoEndurance for 2020 in an effort to bring awareness to TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). Register to run either a 5k (you can also walk this!), 10k, Challenge (5k+10k back to back) or sign your kids up for a 100 meter dash at Al Lopez Park in Tampa, FL.

Information regarding the non-profit organization will be coming soon!

All events (excluding the Kid’s Run) are timed and every bib will have a timing chip.  Everyone gets a race t-shirt and finishers receive a custom medal. Run the Challenge and receive both the 5K and 10K medal as well as a fantastic challenge medal!  If you’ve ever ran one of our races, then you know our medals are AWESOME!

The kids run will be conducted on the grass near shelter 315.  Ages 4-10 only, please! Parents are more than welcome to run with their kids!

The entire family can enjoy this event that includes family live music and a kids run.

NeoEndurance is a family oriented business but the family doesn’t just stop with us. It includes your neighbor, your sister, your brother. It includes YOU! Something very emotional happened in our family not too long ago. We shared heartbreak. We shared tears. We shared love. Through all of this, we realized that we were not alone in this journey. There are many families who are affected by TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). It’s important to us as a family to share this story in hopes that anyone else going through the same or similar knows, they are not alone. Here is a snippet of how Cole’s Run came to be..Two weeks ago we were enjoying a perfect twin pregnancy. We were happy and loving everything about preparing our lives for two baby boys. We were ready for it all, or at least we thought we were.Two weeks ago we started seeing some abnormalities in the boys’ sonogram, and last week we had to rush out to Los Angeles for a consult on Wednesday. We were blindsided by finding out that our babies were hours away from both being lost if we didn’t do immediate surgery. Our babies were very sick and the condition came on much faster than it commonly does. Baby A was in the 1% for his size and his heart was struggling to keep him alive. Baby B’s heart was thickened from working too hard and he was starting to retain fluid in his abdomen. They were diagnosed with stage 4 Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), the last stage where there is any hope in saving them.They cleared their schedule for surgery that afternoon and they were able to divide the shared blood vessels and gave our boys a chance to survive. They both made it through surgery, but unfortunately we lost Baby A the following day. It has been very sad to think about, but the boys shared two major blood vessels that would have undoubtedly affected Baby B had Baby A passed before the surgery. We could have lost them both.

This was a very sudden situation that we found ourselves in and we acted as fast as we could, we went to the best specialist in the country for this syndrome, and they acted immediately. As sad as it was, the quick response by Dr. Chmait and his team saved the life of our baby boy, Brooks.

We had a follow up appointment this Wednesday and we are very happy to say that Brooks is already recovering from surgery ahead of schedule.

It has been quite a rollercoaster over the past two weeks. It was the hardest thing we’ve had to go through, but we are unbelievably grateful to still have a healthy baby boy to welcome to this world this summer. And we are incredibly thankful to have such an amazing support system behind us. Our friends and family, coworkers and acquaintances, have been so wonderful and supportive through this tough time, and we appreciate and love you all.

Sat December 5, 2020Tampa, FL US 33614

<3 Cole Everett Alderman