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About Us

About Us

NeoEndurance is an organization developed by runners for runners. We make it possible for people to look for a challenge and conquer it. Whether your goal is to run your first 5k or your first marathon, we want to help you find that inspiration. NeoEndurance empowers people to get outside and achieve that which was thought to be impossible. One achievement leads to another, and then another. Soon, you're running towards that next obstacle or insurmountable task both on the road and in life.

Mission Statement

Provide the platform for people to challenge themselves, inspire others, and achieve their goals through running and walking.

Vision Statement

To be the go-to company for those who want to change the way they live towards becoming healthier and more active resulting in greater goal achievement and longer, more prosperous lives.

The Team

George Boswell

Fitness of all sorts has long been a passion for George Boswell. He has also consistently believed you can do more, go farther and faster, push harder and climb higher than you might believe. Because of the love for fitness as well as his country, he spent seven years as a firefighter in the United States Air Force. It was an incredible experience. He got to travel around the world, experience things few others get to experience, and it provided an amazing lifestyle for him, his wife, and their 3 kids. He loved being able to stay in great shape, compete in the firefighter combat challenge competitions throughout the United States, and thoroughly enjoyed challenging fellow troops and anything related to fitness. But, out of nowhere in late 2017, he developed asthma out of nowhere. He fought like crazy, but, based on the combination of his diagnosis of asthma and the job title of being a firefighter, the Air Force retired him. He was down in the dumps for quite a while, but then he showed up to the NeoEndurance Resolution Run in January 2019. When he finished the 10K at that race in the time that he did, he knew that Asthma would not define him. The point of that story? The company that Edmund and Beth built that is NeoEndurance gave George the place to take his life back. They provided the platform to go out and prove to himself that he could be better and do better. So, when they announced they were going to close the doors, he couldn’t stand by and let it happen. Right away, he turned to his family members insisting they all work together in keeping NeoEndurance going. After several discussions, Edmund and Beth said yes to passing the torch, and here we are. The goal is to continue to provide the platform to challenge yourselves and inspire you to come out and achieve your goals the same way Edmund and Beth did for the Boswells.

Barbie Boswell

Barbie is a Tampa native, born and raised. She loves to travel and find adventure. From climbing Mt St Helens to getting lost in London to recording an audiobook in Canada, adventure is never far away. As a former Playboy model turned personal trainer turned race director (all while working full time in healthcare), she keeps herself pretty busy. Running had never been a passion until later in adulthood. One could say, she really wasn’t a fan (after witnessing her iPod get tossed into the road because “running is annoying”). Her first race was a beer run 4K. She finished with a 23 min/mile pace. That Barbie said she’d never do it again. Fast forward a few years to when she started running 5Ks with…you guessed it, NeoEndurance. She has embraced the sport, improving her time where she can. Although 5Ks are her preference, she loves the opportunity to run half marathons with her family at Disney. She’s got her eyes set on a Full Marathon in the future and a new certification to go behind her name, running coach. She loves to see others achieve their goals and is very excited to be your race director.